Natural Water Based Lubricant – Passion

I have had this massive bottle of Passion lube for quite some time. It’s a water based lube and can be used with any toy safely and without fear of breaking down the silicone. This glycerin-free product has been my go for years until recently and it’s about time we get the run down.  First

Pickle Dick – Fairy Lust

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! I HAD to grab this Pickle Dick dildo from Fairy Lust the moment I laid eyes on it. After having a good laugh at the thick, pickle girth of this almost 7 inch toy, I investigated it further… There’s small bumps along the otherwise smooth shaft of the Pickle Dick toy

Taintacle – Hankey’s Toy

Winner of several ‘best toy awards’ this last year, alone. I had to dive deeper into the world of Hankey’s Toys and give the beautiful Taintacle a try!  Large and in charge This is a small toy but still stands at 9 insertable inches. Make SURE to check the sizes for Hankey’s Toys as they

Sassy Natural Lubricant – Sliquid

I had heard such great things about Sliquid lubricants and was excited to receive a sample in one of my packages from Lust Arts. This natural lubricant was titled ‘Sassy’ and like all their products, was free of DEA, gluten, glycerine (holy yeast infection, Batman!), parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sobitol, and sulphates.  I pulled out

Wearable Wireless Vibrator – Bombex

After trying the Sexy Slave remote control vibrator egg from Bombex, I was surprised at how similar the Wearable Wireless Vibrator seemed online. I was wrong in assuming so as the mere girth of this toy alone was substantially different!  The adventure After using this toy, I would not go back and use the Sexy

Zumio X – Zumio

Stories of the Zumio’s vibrations have been told across the land. When I finally got my hands on one, I wasn’t completely convinced it would be able to shake me from my Hitachi high horse. But I was completely and utterly wrong.  The navigation When I unpackaged the Zumio, it reminded me of an electronic

Wake Dragon Dildo – Fairy Lust

Deep in the mountains there rests a dragon. Awakening a great many things within you, this gorgeous beast is neither too soft, nor too hard. Easily able to penetrate both you, and your fantasies.  Awaken the Dragon I have always been a fan of dragon toys and themed items. So I might have already been

Noje – Blush

I have been a big fan of Blush for quite some time but this is only my second review of their toys. When I received the Noje, courtesy of Betty’s Toy Box, I was overjoyed to have another stab at one of their vibrator/dildo combos! The feel and controls This toy was much easier to